Pismo Beach Letters

In 2019, the City of Pismo Beach began a remodel of the parking lot at the famous Pismo Beach Pier. Front and center in this remodel is a giant set of letters that read PISMO BEACH. At 8’ tall and 65’ long, this set of illuminated letters has become the backdrop for millions of selfies for the last few years. Early in the project, we worked with the architects to develop how the letters would be built and integrated into the project several options of materials, finishes and lighting styles. We built the letters to withstand the corrosive environment of the coast and the thousands of tourists annually that cling all over it. After installation, we also trained City staff to program the addressable LEDS. The letters can light up in any array of colors, from red-white and blue for the 4th of July to red and green for Christmas or any other color scheme. These will be an attraction and focal point of family vacations for generations.