Painted & Dimensional

Traditional sign painting marks the beginning of what we do here at Southpaw Sign Company. In the current era of computer-generated stickers and plastic signs, hand painted signs are recognized as a symbol of artistic tradition and quality craftsmanship. Historically, sign painting is the oldest and purest form of art in our industry, a technical skill that provides for artistic embellishment along with proper design and layout within the space using text and color. At Southpaw, we still carry on that artistic tradition with hand illustrated designs that are translated to life with the stroke of a brush. Sean Beauchamp, the original “Southpaw” has been designing and creating hand painted signs for over three decades. Sean and the team at Southpaw offer the highest quality of artistic old-world craftsmanship of hand lettered signs as part of our extensive options to our customers combined with the technology of today. A designed sign is always made better by adding dimension. Many of our dimensional signs are carved and routed from HD urethane foam to achieve traditional carved sign style but with superior longevity. Over the years with added equipment and ingenuity, dimensional signs have taken on many forms and a variety of elements and finishes that can include neon, metals, and LED lighting. The addition of dimensional letters, textured backgrounds, additional materials and graphic elements add a sense of artistic unique quality to any sign layout. Southpaw Signs is known for its creative design and application of unusual elements with a limitless combination of materials that we design and fabricate into our dimensional signs for our customers that match your vision and company brand.